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bad day
i need to get this out of my system. i don't know which would happen if i don't. me breaking or exploding.

woke up at 3 but decided to sleep back at 4. then woke up at 5 and missed the train by around 40 seconds.

good thing? the class start at 7.30 so i don't need to spend extra money just to get to RSP.

i remembered that i skipped dinner. starving, didn't find the lunchbox that 'i remember telling my maid to put in my bag'

well... the discussion went well anyway... and i got my name remembered by the head of department... say yay to that..

i get to eat a lot today just feeling sorry for the money, really. ugh financial probs sucks.

mini cex went alright. got an ok score. got a great tutorial about pneumonia.

having case presentation. in which the doctor arrived 2hours late. hit myself on the desk and wound my lip in the waiting process. and basically don't get a thing about what being presented. lalalalala.

home late. fail to attend appointment with a a couple 1st years. zonk at follow up. and hit my self on the student room cupboard. lallallallala.

almost miss a train home at tanah abang. and galauing seeing monas on the way. great.

it's a bad not so bad day. or a not that bad kind of bad day. whichever. there are a lot of great things. my body just kinda too weak to handle all those. i want a wand and an apparate-disapparate license on an instant putitti please.

okey now i have asthma paper to work on.

oh and i'll be having exam on monday which means i won't be able to attend that edu fair on sunday. haish.

see you kapan kapan ya mas yo.

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